First Timers Tips

It is natural for guests visiting a bed and breakfast for the first time to have questions. Hopefully, many of your questions have been answered on the "Amenities" page. But recently, some of our recent guests have been "First Timers" and we have compiled a few of their most common questions.

What is the difference between a B&B and a hotel?

At the Park Avenue Mansion, we feel like company is coming to visit. You should feel like your visiting a friend's home. Yet, once you have checked in, it is up to you to decide how much time you want to interact with us and other guests. We have some guests that we only see at breakfast. We have other guests that we see several times during the day and get to know very well. We don't impose. We let you decide.

What time is breakfast?

Breakfast is usually at 9:00 AM during the week and 9:00 AM or 9:30 AM on the weekends and holidays. When we have a full house, everyone enjoys breakfast together. Sometimes, a couple would like to spend time alone for breakfast. For those times, weather permitting, we can serve outside on the side balcony or in the gardens.

How early can I get coffee?

Coffee is usually ready by 7:30 AM. If you need a coffee fix before then, we will show you which button to push on the coffee maker and where the cream and sugar are located.

When can I go into the kitchen and what can I use in the kitchen?

Our kitchen is very small and the Fire Marshall does not allow our guests to do any cooking. We are sorry, but in keeping with health codes, etc., our kitchen is off limits and unavailable to any guests. There are glasses and cups always available in the common areas for you to use. Ice cube trays are in your small freezer in your room and ice buckets are readily available.

What does my key lock and unlock?

All of the guestrooms have deadbolts that lock from inside the room. Your guestroom key opens your guestroom, and your other key opens the inside glass-paned front doors which welcome you into our home.

If I'd like to leave a gratuity for the Housekeeper, how should I do this, and what is an acceptable amount?

Leaving a gratuity is not required. However, doing so lets your Housekeeper know that you truly enjoyed your service, and appreciated her exceptional personal attention. It is acceptable to leave it in the guestroom when you checkout.

Generally, guests will leave $5.00 for each night stayed as a gratuity.

What if I arrive in St. Louis earlier than check-in time?

The inn is closed between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. except to those guests who have already checked in the day before. During those 5 hours, we are cleaning rooms, gardening, running errands, taking showers and preparing the inn for your arrival. Unless you are arriving by plane/train and will not have a car, we regret that we cannot accommodate early check-ins without a charge.

What if I want to spend the day we are checking out continuing our tour of St Louis and don't have a car in which to store our baggage?

On your checkout day, if you have a late flight or if you just want to spend the day in St. Louis before heading home, you can checkout of your room. We will take care of your luggage until you are ready to leave.

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